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autoroto series

Lohia’s autoroto 200 series offers the latest in tape winding for producing quality bobbins of flat/fibrillated tapes. Specially designed to meet the stringent demands of efficient and cost effective winding, the technology in autoroto enables automatic changeover from full package to empty bobbin, including tape transfer.

Equal length of tape in all bobbins, with the length of tape on bobbin or diameter of the bobbin being user adjustable.

Division of the winders from one to four groups, for producing different lengths & diameters of bobbins (e.g warp, weft).

  • Reduced use of suction gun resulting in lower air consumption
  • Reduced wastage levels
  • Increased machine efficiency
  • Reduced fatigue levels of operators
  • Better production planning

Technical Specifications

MODEL autoroto 200CF
autoroto 200CT
Bobbin changeover At Preset Length
Winding ratio  Electronically programmable
Bobbin core - Outer diameter 40 mm**
Length of traverse  200 mm
Winding speed mechanical (max.) 200-600 m/min
Denier range   500-2000#
Max. bobbin diameter 200 mm
Tape width range 1.8-6.0 mm#* 
Bobbin core- Inner diameter  35 mm**
Bobbin core- Length 218 mm**
Frame configuration 5 High, 3 Across

# Extreme values cannot be combined
* Traverse guides may need to be changed depending on the tape width
** Other options on request